January Happenings 01/31/17

It's been a busy time for us during January, the warm weather keeping lots of folks on their bikes. We saw the usual uptick in people getting back on their bikes after the Christmas indulgences but also lots of new people looking for a bargain from our second hand bikes. The workshop remains relatively busy so do please phone ahead if you need your bicycle for a particular day.

Andy has been busy painting and welding bikes and below is a little tease of something he is working on.

For my own efforts I've cycled 182.7 miles commuting back and forth from work a little down on last year at 212.5 miles. Hopefully do better next month so I'll be setting myself a target of 300 miles for the month, up a little bit on the 260 of last feb and making up for the loss in Jan. I got myself a new steed in October of last year, a Genesis Equilibrium Decade, and I've been really loving it. I'd ridden a Revolution Courier Disc for ages and it's nice to once again be on a road style bike with a bigger range of gears.

My wife Cath and I went to Glentress at the start of the month with one of our former mechanics and had a great time. I haven't done a lot of proper trail riding yet, but hope to get in more over the course of the year.

Steve is currently away on his holidays, soaking up the sun and riding bikes, but once back he and Andy will be tackling the Tour of East Lothian with Andy and some of the friends of the shop. I'll be away on my own holidays towards the end of Feb, heading up the Highlands and taking the mountain bikes with us for a bit of exploration. Hoping to find some nice quiet trails we can ride with the dogs. Hopefully come back with some nice pics to share with you all come March.

All the Best