Eastside Bikes has a fully equipped workshop for servicing and repair of almost any kind of bicycle.

We offer 3 levels of “off the peg” service; Basic, Advanced and Pro. We can also offer a wide range of specific repairs, from servicing hubs & building wheels to repairing bottom bracket threads. The prices below are labour only and do not include parts we may need to fit unless otherwise stated.

Basic Service (£40)

  • Gears Adjusted
  • Brakes Adjusted
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • All nuts/bolts and fittings checked
  • Test Ride

Advanced (£70)

  • Gears Adjusted
  • Brakes Adjusted
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • All nuts/bolts and fittings checked
  • Hubs Serviced
  • Headset Serviced
  • Bottom Bracket Serviced
  • Test Ride

Pro (£125)

  • Bike is stripped, cleaned and rebuilt
  • All components inspected
  • All Cables Replaced
  • Gears Adjusted
  • Brakes Adjusted
  • Tyres checked and inflated
  • Hubs Serviced
  • Headset Serviced
  • Wheels Trued
  • Test Ride

Please check our pricelist at the bottom of the page, and feel free to Contact Us to book an appointment or ask any questions.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the work carried out we are always happy to carry out the service again or refund you.

Specific Repairs Pricelist

Puncture Repair – from £10

Tube is replaced with a new one and tyre is thoroughly inspected and inflated to pressure

True wheel -  from £25 plus cost of any broken spokes.

Spokes are tensioned and stress relieved

Overhaul Hub, Headset or Bottom Bracket Bearing - from £25 each

New bearings, new grease, adjustment. Contact for prices of cartridge bearing overhaul as it depends on the price of new cartridges

Remove Freewheel – £5

We have freewheel removers for shimano, suntour, regina, atom, sachs, zeus, maillaird, heliomatic etc etc.

Remove Cassette – £5

Remove Cranks – from £5

We have cranks extractors for most modern cranks, 23mm TA and 23.35mm Stronglight

Fit Cranks – from £5

Remove Bottom Bracket – from £25

We have removers for all brands of bottom bracket and have had great success removing even the most stubborn bottom brackets.

Fit Bottom Bracket – £25

Remove Headset –  from £25

Fit Headset – £25

Includes adjustment of headset

Facing/Reaming Head Tube – from £25

We have reamers/facers for 1″ Italian and 1 1/8th.

Fork Crown Facing – from £25

Ensures fork crown is round and flat, only available for 1″ 26.4mm standard

Bottom Bracket Chasing and Facing – from £25

Required for accurate fitting of external bearing bottom brackets, threads are chased parralell then faces milled flat. British and Italian thread BBs

Bottom Bracket Thread Repair – £85 (One side only £65)

If the bottom bracket threads on your frame are damaged we can repair them without a respray. We can do this to British, Italian, Swiss and French threaded BBs. We do this by tapping the threads out to a larger diameter, then thread in a special insert which has British BB thread. We use high-strength epoxy to hold the insert in place and chase and face the new bottom bracket threads. This method results in a high-quality, long lasting repair and has resurrected many classics that were otherwise unusable.

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