March Madness 04/11/17

The glorious weather has seen the shop get very busy, very quickly as everyone dusts off the bikes to enjoy the sunshine. We've been busy out and about ourselves..

I got out on my Sintesi for it's first truly long ride heading down to Peebles, via the Gladhouse Reservoir, and back to Dalkeith along the Lyme valley. It was an awesome ride and it was nice to know I can still do that kind of distance in a reasonable time without too much bother. I'm hoping to get out on this loop again soon and then look at riding up to Perth, which is a fairly similar distance, to visit family.

This long ride allowed me to just limp over the 300 mile mark for the month which was a great feeling. Hope to keep that pace up over the rest of the year and make up for a quiet start to the year.

Andy was off on his holidays, heading to Italy to ride near dormant volcanoes and through a smorgasbord of Italian food. More on that in a seperate post that Andy is working on.

Since Andy was away I don't have a lot to show you on the frame building side of things, but there should be some more shiny by the end of the month.

Steve was laid low a bit by the lurgy this month but I think that is us almost all recovered from the bug that had been going round. I'm sure April will see him back out on the bike proper stealing more KOMs from unsuspecting riders.

The Skelf opened up at the end of last month and is going great guns already. Fantastic to see this kind of facility opening up in town and I hope it will encourage even more folks out on their bikes on a regular basis. You can read all about the Skelf over here:

and here

We wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Iain, Andy and Steve.